PS Training

Instructor: Jill West, CIS Adjunct Instructor at Georgia Northwestern Technical College and Author, MJ West Enterprises, Inc.

The CompTIA A+ certification continues to evolve to meet the demands of today’s IT job market. The structure and priorities of this certification show some significant shifts in the new Core 1 and Core 2 exams, with less emphasis on hardware and a growing demand for candidates to demonstrate soft skills and critical thinking skills, skills across operating systems, and diverse skills in scripting, mobile devices, cloud, and IoT. This training session will focus on lab ideas and concepts for new A+ content. We’ll also discuss how to design and build your own lab projects so you can customize your classroom to your students’ needs. Bring your laptop to follow along with the demos! 

Who Should Attend: Instructors currently teaching CompTIA A+ or Introduction to IT courses. Participants should have basic understanding of computer concepts and operations.

CompTIA A+: Modernizing a Long-Time Favorite - CEU Approved for A+