PS Ind Trends

Speaker:  Prem Jadhwani - CEO & President at Intellectual Point

Cybersecurity workforce training and development is going through a major transformation today with the threat of a changing landscape as well as rapidly evolving technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. This presentation will bring real-world best practices from the trenches on how cyber security education and training can be both affordable and effective in helping people fill the cyber security job openings with the right skills. 

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of practical cyber security training solutions as well as best practices in developing and delivering an effective cyber security awareness program from a pragmatic perspective within the commercial and federal organizations. Attendees will learn how an accredited training provider has been leveraging the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program to effectively impart cyber security education to the unemployed and underemployed and help them transition to a lucrative and stable career in cyber security with the help of hands-on professional short courses and IT certifications. 

There are five main learning objectives we will cover in this session. We will identify the fastest growing market segments within today’s cyber security hiring as well as how the role of a security analyst is rapidly evolving with the advent of advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks and new indicators of compromise like ransomware. Additionally, we will explore how can you best leverage open source tools in cyber security to help provide the best real-world learning environment for effective cyber security education. We will also look at ways to effectively bridge the gap between the non-technical IT workforce looking to get into cyber security and the type of skills that potential cybersecurity hiring managers are looking for. Further, we will discuss best practices in cyber security workforce development, such as blending real-world cyber security skills into the classroom with Cyber Security certifications and short courses by building a SOC environment.